Node JS Image Delivery Microservice Challenge [Unit tests]

Continuation from

Using some inspiration from here: we start creating out unit tests:

First we install mocha and chai npm install mocha chai --save-dev

Then we install request npm install request --save-dev

Then we install request npm i @types/mocha

This is not enough to run the test as we need to do a setup in package.json as said here:

We also have to set the test as below:
"scripts": {
"prebuild": "tslint -c tslint.json -p tsconfig.json --fix",
"build": "tsc",
"prestart": "npm run build",
"start": "node .",
"test": "mocha src/test/*.ts",
"smoketest": "mocha smoketest/**/*.ts"

We are having issues running th test so we take another look here:

We re-install the packages npm install chai mocha ts-node @types/chai @types/mocha --save-dev

The test line looks like this now:  "test": "mocha -r ts-node/register src/test/*.ts",

We are still having issues with assetions so we install chai-http npm install chai-http

A wild error pops up: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'statusCode' of undefined

We are still having issues with async calls so we will test something less dififcult: the validator.

We run npm test

We get passing tests.


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